As a teenager, I had beautiful, naturally pink lips, but in the last 30 years the pigment seemed to fade and was much paler. After a semi-permanent color, they looked fantastic! I just smear Vaseline and leave.
Semi permanent lip procedures are a great alternative to fillers. Our lip treatments can replace the color lost as a result of aging and thin the lips to create juicy, juicy lips, without the need for surgery.

By applying the right shade of lipstick to match your complexion, as well as increasing the area of ​​your lips, our lip tattoo procedures can fix any problems with shape or symmetry.We can color and make a more precise contour of the lips, we can completely fill the lips with color wich you like

Also Lip liner with blend or full lip colour.

How lovely to have beautifully shaped full lips that all you need is a little lip gloss.

Many of us lack lip definition and symmetry and with age our lips can become paler and thinner. Perfectly symmetrical fuller lips can be created with a lip liner with blend or full lip colour. There is a choice from the most soft, subtle natural colours to stronger deeper shades-the choice is yours.

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